About Us

At NRGwise our aim is to assist you towards Energy Independence in both your Business and Home.

Energy costs $

Every Kilowatt of Electricity or Kilojoule of Gas you don’t use is a cost saving to your Business or your Household budget, which makes your business more competitive or your home less expensive to run.

With the cost of energy rising every year it is wise to reduce your energy consumption, using the latest energy efficient, cost effective technologies available. Once you have reduced your consumption to a minimum we recommend that you replace the energy required to power your business or home with renewable energy from your own roof. Become part of the rooftop revolution.

Almost every Business and Household in Australia can benefit from implementing a range of Energy reduction and replacement strategies.


  • Reduced Energy costs.
  • Reduced Environmental impact.
  • Reduced dependence on mostly foreign owned Multinational Energy providers.
  • More money to grow your business, make it more competitive or just go on a holiday.
  • Future energy price increases will help you pay off your energy saving investment sooner.

With the addition of your own Energy storage you will also obtain Energy security.

Cash flow positive or cash flow neutral finance packages available.

Pay up front or use your energy cost savings to finance your energy reduction and replacement package. Let our energy efficiency experts tailor an Energy saving package to suit your individual needs and budget. Energy reduction and replacement technologies available from Nrgwise all installed and maintained by Local Trades people

Solar Power

On grid, Off grid and Hybrid solar power systems with battery storage available. Tier 1 solar panels from the World’s best solar panel manufacturers such as Sun Power, Yingli , REC and Jinko. Solar Power Inverters from the world leading inverter manufacturers such as SMA, Fronius, Aurora and Solaris.

Solar and Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Save up to 90% on the cost of heating your Commercial and Domestic hot water’

Evacuated tube solar from the world’s best manufacturers of evacuated solar tube hot water systems, Apricus, Solar Ark & Siddons,

High efficiency Heat Pump hot water systems from the leaders in heat pump hot water technology, Sanden and the innovative Aussie company Siddons.

LED Lighting.

Highly Efficient LED Lighting from leading manufacturers for all your Industrial, Commercial and

Domestic lighting applications,

Sky Lights

Natural lighting from the Sun