Battery Storage

Some of the reasons why battery storage is becoming so popular:

  • It gives you the ability to run your home from the batteries during the most expensive times, and recharge during off-peak times (typically for around 20c per kWh)
  • It provides uninterrupted power to your home in a blackout or brownouts. It switches over so quickly, you may not even know the power is out in your street!
  • It gives you the option of increasing your battery storage down the track, and disconnecting totally from the grid.
  • It allows you to ‘save your solar for night time’. You can draw power from your batteries during the evening, and recharge for free from your solar panels the next morning
  • Complete convenience. If you are using more power than the solar AND the batteries can provide, it simply draws any excess requirements at normal grid pricing.

It’s important to do your research carefully, before deciding to invest in battery storage. It won’t always be suitable (or financially beneficial) for some homes to invest in battery storage at this point (financial payback can be anywhere from 8-12 years, depending on your situation). Avoid over-hyped sales pitches, and get some straight answers on whether battery storage is right for you.

NRGWise pride themselves on the right advice. If we analyse your power bills and situation, and determine that battery storage is not currently right for you, We will tell you straight! While we are naturally in the business of supplying these systems, we also take great pride in giving you an honest, upfront assessment of your options.