Gippsland Grammar Senior Campus: 100 Kw of solar will reduce their energy consumption by approx 60% and power bills by approx $20,000 in the first year. As well as 1,417 LED lights will reduce their lighting energy consumption by almost 70% and their Energy and maintenance costs by approx $15,000 P/A. Total Energy and Maintenance Savings of of approx $35,000 PA their annual savings will exceed their annual Finance costs, as well as reducing their CO2 emissions by approx 120 Tonnes P/A. Good for both Gippsland Grammar’s bottom line and our shared Environment. Well done Gippsland Grammar leading the way in energy self sufficiency and Environmental responsibility in Gippsland’s Educational sector. Gippsland Grammar Senior School 100 KwGG Senior Campus Stadium PanelsGG Senior Campus InvertersHeart of the system: 4 x 25 Kw Fronius 3 phase inverters and solar switchboard,

Total school energy consumption and solar production as well as system performance fully monitored with Fronius Smart Meter and  Fronius Solar Web.