PK Equipment 95 % Power Bill Reduction Case Study

Prior to engaging Nrgwise to assist them to reduce their power bills in May of 2015, PK Equipment’s Power Bill from 31/10/14 to 04/02/15 was $1,316.53. See below. Nrgwise Recommendation; to minimise their power bills for the long term was to install a 13.5 Kw solar power system. PK Equipment Power Bill March 2015 before solar power installation.     PK Equipment Power Bill March 2016 after solar power installation.     After installing Nrgwise’s recommended 13.5 Kw solar system, their corresponding bill from 05/11/2015 to 05/02/2016 was only $74.28; that is down by a whopping 95% You are darn right they are very happy with that result As the project total cost was under the Federal Governments $22,000 inc GST  single item capital expenditure purchase cap, PK Equipment were able to write off 30% of the capital cost in the 2015 financial year. There are 3 different ways for a business to finance their solar and energy efficiency upgrades, Nrgwise always recommends that any business owner should discuss their proposals with their financial advisors, before proceeding with any equipment purchase. This year their next energy reduction project, is to upgrade their lighting to LED. Next Summer their power bill will run into credit and those Summer credits will be used up in the Winter months so that next year their overall cost for Energy to run their business , we would estimate to be around $200 to $300, instead of their 2014 cost of around $5,000 to $6,000 per annum. The owners of PK Equipment are available on request to discuss their experience with Nrgwise and solar power for business. Another very happy Nrgwise customer