There is confidence a proposed 15 megawatt solar farm near Temora in the New South Wales Riverina will get Federal Government funding to allow its development.

Epho’s $30m project at Gidginbung is one of three Riverina solar farm proposals to be shortlisted for funds from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

There are eight shortlisted solar projects across New South Wales vying for money.

A development application is yet to be lodged for the farm but Epho Managing Director, Dr Oliver Hartley, told the ABC it already had financial backers.

“From day one we’ve worked very closely with Essential Energy,” he said.

“Our solar farm is not one of the very huge ones.

“It can be connected to the grid quite easily.

“The consortium we’ve leading consists of a local, a central New South Wales company, Hydro Power as well, but also two overseas large scale developers.

“We’ve got an enormous amount of experience in developing projects globally and with that kind of experience we have a good chance of succeeding.”

Dr Hartley believes the solar farm could be the catalyst for others in the region.

He said solar farms could be a new way for farmers to diversify their operations and bring in cash during dry times.

“Essential Energy has a very broad distribution network, so this could be a very, very good showcase that solar farms in that 10,15,20 megawatt in size are actually the way forward, because you can connect them easily,” Dr Hartley said.

“If you go too much larger farms (sic) it becomes much more difficult and it becomes a drawn out process.”



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