Before engaging Nrgwise Chris Webster Furniture’s average¬† spend on power was between $1,000 and $1,200 per month. After an onsite energy audit we identified that upgrading their old fluorescent tube lighting with LED tubes would give them their greatest, most cost effective reduction in their daily energy consumption. It was calculated that we could replace the more than 200 fluorescent tubes with only 140 more strategically placed LED tubes; that would give them more light where they needed it most in their display areas. Each fitting had to be electrically reconfigured to accommodate the new LED tubes. It was calculated that the new lighting would reduce their energy requirements for their lighting by over 75% and that the remainder of their average daily consumption could be met by installing a 10 Kilowatt Solar Power system on their roof. All the equipment was installed in the end of November, early December 2015.


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In early February of 2016 after receiving their first full months power bill since the Nrgwise, energy saving solutions had been installed; their January bill had been reduced  to only $101 inc GST. Their average daily energy consumption had reduced to only 7.82 Kw/hrs, down by 87% from same time last years bill of 61.73 Kw/hrs. Their total bill including GST was down by over $925 from the bill they received in October 2015. This represents at least a 90% decrease in cost for their monthly energy requirements over the Summer months.

Chris Websters chose to finance their Nrgwise Energy Saving Solution Package on a 5 year Energy Lease rental plan, this costs them less than $500 inc GST per month fixed over the 5 year term. At the end of the term they will own all the equipment for a cost of less than a $1,000; Cash Flow Positive: As it has already saved them over $900 in the first month of operation it is effectively costing them nothing and giving them another $400 odd to put back into their cash flow, to buy more stock or pay other bills.

The quality and quantity of the new LED lighting in the shop is so much better than the old Fluorescent lighting.

The owners of Chris Websters Furniture are available on request to verify any of the claims in this case study.

UPDATE June 2016;

May 2016: power bill was only $50 of which over $40 was his daily connection fees which means it actually only cost John $10 to power his business for the month of May, this represents an amazing 95% reduction on his power bill from the same time last year…

Another very happy Nrgwise customer :)


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